How To Find Out About Local Bluon HVAC Solutions

Do you have a air conditioning system that your home or building that is somewhat outdated? It may have Freon that is still providing the coolant for the system. The same is true for older refrigerators and freezers, or any type of apparatuses going to use a coolant to lower temperatures. In light of the fact that Freon will be illegal in 2020, it is important to find a replacement. One of the best is called Bluon, and this can easily be replaced in any system that you have by working with a certified HVAC professional. Let’s discuss the benefits of Bluon and how you can find a company that can help you out.

Why Is This Better Than Freon?

The reason that this is better than Freon is because of the way that it is made. Freon is made up of hydrochlorofluorocarbons. It is the chlorine that is within this substance that is the problem. When it is released into the atmosphere, the chlorine can actually interact with ozone. When it does, it breaks it down. Ozone is the gas that is able to protect the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. There were studies that were shown that revealed that the ozone layer was disappearing, especially over areas like the South Pole. The thought was that if it continued, there would soon be no ozone left. This would be problematic for people that were actually living on continents that had massive populations. As a result of this, products like Bluon were developed in order to be a much more viable replacement for refrigerants.

Why Does R458A Work So Much Better?


Bluon or R458A is a completely different substance in comparison to Freon. It is absent the chlorine component. As a result, this can no longer harm the ozone layer. Studies have shown that since the 1990s, there has been a gradual improvement in the ozone layer. This is when the laws were first enacted. Although it has taken nearly 30 years for almost all of the R22 to be eliminated, it is still available. You can purchase it, but it is very expensive. At some point in time, it will no longer be available, and substances like R458A will be the only ones that are used in refrigeration systems.

How Can You Find An HVAC Professional To Replace Your Freon?

Finding an HVAC professional is very easy to do. You simply search on the web, specifically looking for those that are going to do refrigerant replacements. It will give you multiple options, one of which is going to be using R458A or some type of other hydrofluorocarbon. The process requires them to be certificated, and also to have the tools necessary to complete the process. It will take about an hour to do each of the units that you have if they are small, and longer if they are larger. Once this is done, they will dispose of the gas appropriately so it does not get into the atmosphere. This will not only help you save money because of higher levels of efficiency, but you will also be helping the environment.

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To find a qualified HVAC professional to put Bluon into your existing units, they can easily be found online. Schedule a time for them to come out, and they will do all of this for you, helping you to upgrade all of your systems. Whether you have a few of these at home, or at your place of business, this needs to be done before R22 is no longer legal. This is going to improve your cooling and refrigeration systems. Contact one of these reliable HVAC professionals if you need to have this done. Visit for more information.