Choosing the Best Loofah for Your Needs

It always pays to take care of your skin. After all, it is the part of the body that is visible and sometimes, it really does matter what is on the outside. Although there are many different items and products that we can use to care for our skin, one that should not be overlooked is the simple loofah. It is perfect for keeping the body exfoliated and to take care of your skin in a much better way than a simple sponge. The following are some tips to help you to choose the best loofah for your needs.

Tips To Choose Best Loofah


First of all, it’s a good idea for you to choose a loofah that is smooth. The finer fibers in this particular item are going to work better for your face and neck. You should also have a loofah available with a coarser fiber and this will be a benefit to your body and especially your feet. When you first get a loofah, make sure you soak it so that the fibers can be softened. If it seems as if it is stiffening up again, there is nothing wrong with soaking it in hot water to get it back in shape again.

Exfoliating With Loofah

Although most people would consider this following tip to be a no-brainer, it really is something that you should keep in mind. When you are using a loofah, you don’t want to use the same one on your entire body. Exfoliating with a loofah means that some of the dead skin cells are going to stay in it and they may come in contact with other parts of your body. As a general rule, you should use one for the neck and above and the other for below the neck. Take a moment to think about it, and you will see why I make this recommendation.

For some people, choosing the best loofah means having a deep exfoliating mitt body scrub to reach areas that may not easily be reached with the hand. That is why you may want to purchase a strip loofah or perhaps one that is on a handle so that you can easily get to the back. This is going to be a convenience that you appreciate, but it may not be suitable for all parts of the body.

When you choose the best loofah for your needs, it can keep your skin in great shape and leave you feeling fantastic.