How To Use A Loofah

Regular exfoliation is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking supple and fresh. That’s why you should use a loofah since it is an excellent chemical free and manual tool for regular exfoliation. When new, the loofah is actually quite abrasive. You can use different loofahs for your face, neck and the rest of the body for the best results.

How to use a Loofah for the Best Exfoliation Success

• First, dip the loofah in hot water then squeeze it to make it soft before using it on your face. You should apply soap or facial wash on it and use a small handful. You can pour a few drops of liquid soap or rub it on a bar of soap to create some foam.

Loofah for the Best Exfoliation Success

• Use the loofah to rub your neck and face gently and move around your skin in small circles. You should apply some pressure to remove the dead skin cells present without causing any damage to your skin. You should avoid any sensitive areas such as the eyes and the nose while you’re rubbing your skin. You should take special note of the chest and décolletage area.

• Now you can rinse your face and neck completely and pat dry with a soft and clean towel. You can apply some moisturizer or oil on your face and feel the difference in texture.

Some useful tips when using the loofah include the following:

• Make sure you purchase a loofah with smooth texture and Choose the Best Loofah for Your Needs. As mentioned, when new the texture is quite hard but when you dip it in water it becomes soft. Of course, you should always dip it in water before any use since when it dries up it becomes hard again.

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• When you’re scrubbing to remove the dead skin cells on your face don’t apply too much pressure. That’s because you will damage your skin causing blisters that will become scars once they have healed leaving too many blemishes. Therefore, keep the pressure to a minimum only to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

• You should pay more attention to the areas of your body with rough skin. For instance, your elbows, knees and feet. In some cases, your face also has some rough patches especially on the chin and cheeks. If you have folds on your neck, you should apply pressure in these areas too for the best results. You can also use exfoliating gloves for face and healthy skin.

Try these tips and enjoy your exfoliation using a loofah.